Body Language Tips that can help your Poker Game

Body Language Tips that can help your Poker Game

Body Language Tips that can help your Poker Game

In a game of poker, body language is one of the factors that could make or break your game. With sufficient bluffing skills, it is possible to force an opponent to fold even if you are dealing with a very weak hand that stands next to zero chance of winning. Fooling an opponent is not easy, especially when faced against experienced poker players. Body language plays a vital role in determining whether the bluff can be executed well or not.

Leaning Backwards

Players are prone to feel self-conscious when they are aware that they are being scrutinized by other players. They are likely to lean back from the table and cross their arms subconsciously in an attempt to seem less threatening. This is a sign that they have a good hand.

The ‘Sigh’

This is a rather obvious body language that can be noticed, and you might have done it before. Players often do this after checking their cards. They might sigh disappointedly, cursing silently, or slumping. This could be done by them to try and trick other players into thinking that they have a weak hand when in reality they have a strong hand.

The Deceiving Smile

A frequently used tactic in a game of poker is staring down other players. When the game has progressed to the point where it is only down to you and one other player, this tactic can be attempted against them. The opponent will likely give you a subtle smile when your eyes make contact. However, be wary of the smile, it could be a genuine smile, but it could also be a fake smile. Fake smiles can be detected when only the mouth moves and feels forced. Make sure that you do not be deceived when facing such a situation, calmly analyze the opponent’s smile to determine whether it is a genuine smile or not. If it is a genuine smile, it means that the opponent has a good hand.

Overselling is a No-No

When playing poker, emotions are something that is always well hidden to deceive opponents. Showing emotions will give away how good a player’s hand is, lowering the chances of victory. Thus, if you try to oversell by acting outrageously, other players will definitely think something fishy is going on. Deceiving other players is done by making them think they have noticed something that you did not mean them to notice, therefore overselling will only serve to achieve the opposite of that.

Let Your Opponents Underestimate You

Another way to make your opponents let their guard down and underestimate you is by tricking them into thinking that you are an amateur. This can be achieved by using certain moves that are only considered to be done by amateurs. When an opponent sees such a move, they will probably smug to themselves and think that they are dealing with an amateur that can be easily defeated, but in reality, they are the ones who have taken the bait. A great tactic to use is by immediately placing your bets after checking your cards. This move will seem innocent and believable.



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