Why is Online Poker Better than Traditional Poker?

Why is Online Poker Better than Traditional Poker?

 Why is Online Poker Better than Traditional Poker?

Poker is an interesting game that people all over the globe love to spend some of their time playing.  However, there are a good number of players who are undecided on whether to play online poker or not. The following are some of the benefits of playing online poker than traditional poker:


Game Options

This is probably the best reason. A poker room or casino may be in close proximity, but you will have limited games which you can play.  If the games’ selection is limited, it means the options for making good money will equally be limited. Many times, you will have to either select and play a game with little profit or choose not to play at all. With online poker, there is a vast range of games to pick from. This allows serious poker players to look around within the site or search from one site to another till they locate a good game. This is a big advantage that the majority of online players don’t exploit. Instead, they are happy to play in the very same game each time they log on.



Online poker comes with comfort and convenience. You can play online poker games anywhere and anytime you want, without having to go to brick and mortar casinos as you are as close to the internet as your nearest computer. The games can be accessed throughout the day, and you can play against all sorts of players from different parts of the world. Funding it is just as easy as transferring cash into your account. You won’t need to walk, commute or drive and park. In addition, you won’t have to queue for a game, be worried about carrying with you vast amounts of money to the casino or from the casino. All you need to do is just settle down in a chair, with a computer in front of you, and you are ready to begin playing real money poker. 


Ability to “Multi-table”

Unlike in traditional poker, you can actually play more than a single game simultaneously. For a player who is a regular with a good playing strategy, this has a big potential benefit. While you may surrender some profit in every game you play by limiting your aptitude to “play the players”, you can actually multiply your rate of the hourly win by playing multiple games at the same time.


Opponents are unable to read your poker cues

Unlike in traditional poker, when you play online poker, your opponents are unable to observe your traits which they can use to take advantage of you. In a live game, many players tend to unconsciously reveal lots of information about their hands through noticeable behaviours at the poker table. They include the way you physically bet, talk, hold your cards, breath, or react to the state of affairs in the course of the playing.  This helps experienced players get additional information they might use to exploit you.  


Lower Rake

Usually, the rake for online casinos tends to be at least fairly less than that in a traditional casino. Currently, the normal land-based casino poker room rake tends to be roughly 10 percent of the pot with actually a 4-dollar or progressively, a maximum of $5 per hand, whereas online casinos are often 5 percent with a maximum of $3 or even much less in very low stakes rooms. 

Online rooms can actually afford to charge less — thanks to their minimal overhead.  And despite their lower rake, they still make some more money for every hour due to the additional hands per hour which are raked — meaning you should be actually winning more cash per hour – in case you are a winning player.  With the rake being a lower proportion of your winnings, your win rate should increase if you are actually playing against the same players as you would in a live game. 


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