Life Lessons Poker Teach Us About

Life Lessons Poker Teach Us About

What Poker Can Teach Us

Poker is a game that has been in existence for many centuries.  It is really an interesting, psychological game, and unlike casino games such as black jack which is merely irresponsible gambling, it calls for skill. Besides, it has many layers.

Poker is an amazing teacher – whether at the table or right outside there in day-to-day life. This is why there are many life lessons this fascinating game can teach us about. 

Let us take a look at some of the lessons we can benefit from understanding poker


Don’t ever stop learning

Trying and experimenting with new things is what keeps the fire of excitement burning in life. Poker players know that you have to constantly sharpen your skills to remain on top.  Likewise, in life, a person must improve his/her skills as well as knowledge to achieve new milestones whether in career, business or even social life. 


Blunders are part of the game     

In case you make a blunder in poker, the best thing to do is to locate the problem and try to figure out a better solution to fix it. Similarly, in life, mistakes can actually help you work on yourself and become a more prudent and better person. 



The professional poker players ‘objective is not just sit down at the table, play and collect your money after making a big win.  They play the game for hours, trying to augment their bankroll with a single massive blind for each hour spent. To finally have a winning session, they must be very patient and make good decisions.   

Likewise, in life, professional poker players encounter situations that deliver temporary gain, only to have it snatched from them years later.  Exercising patience helps them to take risks when odds are actually stacked up in their favour. 


Financial discipline

Keeping finances in check is important for every poker player.  Since downswings are part of the game, a player should get prepared financially to handle that. Likewise, in life, you need to strike the right balance between your expenditure and income. 



Players who avoid taking risks lose at the end of the day.  If they are overly scared of putting money in the pot, they will never get the chance to win.  Likewise, in life, if we are too afraid to pursue our dreams, we are bound to fail even before we have given ourselves a chance to taste success.  Fortune, after all, favors the bold. 


Know when to quit

Quitting is probably the most important skill a poker player can develop. Usually, players don’t quit enough when down, and tend to quit too often when up.  Most times, you will see them playing either to chase their losses or simply because their ego will not let them stop. There is no way you can always win or be better than everyone else. Poker will quickly teach you to leave your ego behind.  Knowing the right time to quit is extremely crucial as it can be the difference between going back to your home penniless and going back to your home to fight some other day. 

The same way, in life, quitting could be the best option for you to be happy. This could be a business, job, friendship or relationship.  Knowing the right time to quit can save you a lot. 




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