10 Quick Poker Strategy Tips That Will Help Your Game

10 Quick Poker Strategy Tips That Will Help Your Game

10 Quick Poker Strategy Tips That Will Help Your Game


Searching for simple and easy to understand pro-tips in playing poker? Look no further!

This list that we have put together below contains some strategies that may come in handy in helping you become a better poker player.

While it may not guarantee a 100%-win rate, it will surely help you get better in poker.


Tip 1: Do not limp before someone else

Limping in poker means to place the absolute minimum bet required to continue staying in a hand. This move is generally seen as a weak and passive move usually done by beginning poker players. Why should limping be abstained from? Firstly, by raising before the flop, you will definitely stand a higher chance of winning the pot as compared to limping. Besides, you will be less likely to win the pot as you are luring other players with more tempting pot odds, increasing the number of players you face.


Tip 2: Audacious “Semi-Bluffing”

One of the most efficient ways of bluffing is by letting your cards choose whether to bluff or not. When your hand has the outs to develop into the best hand further on into the game, then go for the bluff. It is not advisable to bluff with “nothing” hands.


Tip 3: Less Hands, More Aggressive

The best and most efficient way to improve your poker game is by coming up with a strong preflop strategy. The challenge is usually having the self-control to stick to said strategies. It is best to aggressively play a small range of strong to playable hands. This will help you put up a façade as to how good your hand is.


Tip 4: Play your strong hands quickly

Generally, it is wise to build the pot by betting on your strong hands. A hand can be considered strong if it is not probable to be outdrawn. If in doubt, going ahead with the bet is better because even if your rivals fold, it still won’t be as bad as being outdrawn.


Tip 5: When in doubt, fold.

While it sounds simple in theory, it is often hard to practice in real life. The desire to win combined with our curiosity are the biggest factors that hinder us from folding. However, calling too frequently will make you lose money.


Tip 6: Defending Big Blinds

When you are the player right before the preflop, you are in a spot where more fruitful calls can be made. Some factors to consider when defending include:

  1.     The number of opponents you have.
  2.     Raise size.
  3.     The raiser’s position.


Tip 7: Strike when your opponent shows an opening

When a player has a rather weak hand, they are likely to check. Take advantage of this by pure bluffs and take the upper hand by betting aggressively.


Tip 8: Play strongly in early stages of a tournament

Worrying about survival is not advisable during early stages of a tournament. Playing aggressively is definitely encouraged to build up for a long run. Defensive playing should only be done when your stack or money is running short.


Tip 9: Listen to your emotions

Poker is a game where your mental state is important to your outcome. When you are emotionally disturbed or tired, stop playing immediately. The game is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Tip 10: Play in good games only

This is rather obvious, but its importance can’t be stressed enough. It is important to position yourself in situations where the winning odds are in your favor. Do not let your ego get the better of you.


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